We are good people


Behind their party-rocking, silly-ass-mess of a stage show, stands two guys who love to make noise.  Jacob Blazer (vocals/guitar) met Matthew Clark (drums/vocals) while playing music in the duo's hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. After being the only two members to show up, play a sold-out festival for 6 thousand people and keep asses moving, the band declared it would stick to the idea that "Less is More". They called their pair Jacob + the Good People.

Vocals, Guitar / Jacob Blazer
Drums, Vocals / Matthew Clark



astronot Tour




by Jacob + Good People

With the 3rd EP by Jacob + Good People, singer, Jacob Blazer plants his flag deep into the core of Atlanta, GA and declares his place amongst his peers. With spacious anthems, ambient tones, and extraterrestrial elements, this album sends its listeners into outer space.