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We are good people


Behind their party-rocking, silly-ass-mess of a stage show, stands two guys who love to make noise.  Jacob Blazer (vocals/guitar) met Matthew Clark (drums/vocals) while playing music in the duo's hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. After being the only two members to show up, play a sold-out festival for 6 thousand people and keep asses moving, the band declared it would stick to the idea that "Less is More". They called their pair Jacob + the Good People.

Vocals, Guitar / Jacob Blazer
Drums, Vocals / Matthew Clark



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Bar Band

by Jacob + Good People

Bar Band, the fifth record by Jacob and the Good People, was an attempt to find a much simpler and honest approach of capturing songs. All of the tracks on this compilation have previously been recorded using much more technical and modern forms of recording, but on Bar Band we subtracted and subtracted till we reduced the song to the bare bones. Koo Koo, Coffee n Beer, Ohio, Astronots, and Taxi Driver were recorded live in Atlanta, and in a few cases with as little as one microphone in a large studio space. Jacob has been playing small dive bars across the United States for over 20 years. One mic, a beer, a guitar, and a song. In a time of DJ’s and over production, this is ugly and revealing and exactly what you would expect from a band and a hole in a wall.